Featured Work: The Art of Tea, Textiles, and Other Commodities

“Ladies of this New World colony, / Leave the gentlemen to stuffy committees. / We all agree that Mother England has built a wall. / The fairer sex will brew Liberty tea and have a homespun ball!” Today’s featured work comes to us from retail pharmacist Jodi Adamson. “The Art of Tea, Textiles, and Other Commodities” was first featured in Chantwood Magazine Issue 16.

Featured Work: Prince Henrik the Fifth

“Eight years into the reign of King Henrik Quillian the Fourth of Prava, a golden, triangular ship descended from the heavens…” This glorious event was witnessed by the citizens of Ferruthe in this short story by Scott Hughes. Read the full story here! From Chantwood Magazine: Issue 14, now available on Kindle Newsstand.

What Editors Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered just what goes through the mind of literary magazine editors? Why some fiction pieces or poems are chosen and others aren't? Here's your chance to find out! Read about the seven things literary editors wish you knew.