Featured Work: Very Own Hecuba

hecuba_chantwood magazine.jpg

 i. Mother of Hector

Mom: awesome Trojan machine
she met my every need
except for feeding moi’s
unquenchable maw of emotions.

Could it be that mythic opaqueness  
to tears/ fears inside allowed
the building of a war horse
who’s survived nearly 103 years?

If this heartless battle-axe is able
to pull another cat’s life out
to reduce new doubled pulse
our mad hatter might live to 150.  

ii. Where Blood Bones Are Buried 

Though we fled our parents
when young
                   as septuagenarians
my wife & I’ve chosen plots
           among their loves.


Gerard Sarnat won the Poetry in the Arts First Place Award plus the Dorfman Prize, has been nominated for Pushcarts and authored four collections: HOMELESS CHRONICLES (2010), Disputes (2012), 17s (2014) and Melting The Ice King (2016) which included work published by Oberlin, Brown, Columbia, Johns Hopkins and in Gargoyle, Margie, Main Street Rag, New Delta Review, Tishman Review, Burningwood Review, Fiction Southeast, Junto, Tiferet plus featured in New Verse News, Eretz, Avocet, LEVELER, tNY, StepAway, Bywords, Floor Plan, Good-Man-Project, Anti-Heroin-Chic, Poetry Circle, Fiction Southeast and Tipton Review. “Amber Of Memory” was the single poem chosen for his 50th college reunion symposium on Bob Dylan. Mount Analogue selected Sarnat’s sequence, KADDISH FOR THE COUNTRY, for pamphlet distribution on Inauguration Day 2017 as part of the Washington DC and nationwide Women’s Marches. For Huffington Post/other reviews, readings, publications, interviews; visit GerardSarnat.com.