Featured Work: Modesty


Do not mock my determination
to live out my days as a minor poet.
Not that I crave obscurity.
Not that I would happily wallow
in a swamp of anonymity.
It’s just that I’m not particularly brave.
I hesitate to put my talent on display
lest an unexpected flaring of genius
eclipse the drab expanse
of my humility.


Victor Altshul’s second and third books of poems, Singing with Starlings (2015)
and Ode to My Autumn (2017), were published by Antrim House, and two of
his poems have appeared in the Hartford Courant. His work has recently been
published in Alabama Literary ReviewBurningword Literary JournalCape
Caveat LectorCoachella ReviewExistereThe Perch, and Studio One. He
is active on the board of the Connecticut Poetry Society and has given several
readings throughout the state. A graduate of Harvard College and Yale Medical
School, Altshul is on the faculty of the latter. He has been in continuous private
practice of psychiatry since 1967.