Featured Work: The Clock Watching Expert

chantwood magazine_judith cody_clock

The existence of time is heavy
for a thing so fast to spin
a minute for us
and go like a dust devil
where it will soon disintegrate
into dead order
grey dust.

It presses too awfully against
skulls to never speak of
of time
of eternity

one I will know
closely within
my flesh like a
who plans to

the other
is always

A poetry teacher once admonished a young poet
“never write about TIME or ETERNITY.” Too arty
too poetical in the ancient sense.

But time is there
both innermost
and outermost
at once
in the human
scheme of things
draining like
pus or sand
on momentary
pain level
measured like
the boredom of surf
slipping, slipping
always slightly
away the land
surf of cells
the same.

Time for “CNN” time for “NewsCenter 4” time for someone
somewhere to gurgle to death time to dig a hole for corpse
for cabbage seed for a new swim pool for cat shit for hiding

a drawer of broken
watches stare out
at the drawer opener.

What’s to be done?

There is no time
left to fix them all
all is sieved through
the glass
the sun whizzed by
so often already
too fast too many
to count anymore
gave up trying.

Time to cook a ten thousandth supper for some man’s “What’s to eat?”

What’s to cook?

It all ends up in the same hole all
those gourmet extravaganzas
or curds or whey.


Judith Cody’s poetry is published in over 135 journals, won national awards, is in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. Her poem won second place in the national Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition. Poems were quarter-finalists for the Pablo Neruda Prize. Books: “Vivian Fine: A Bio-Bibliography,” “Eight Frames Eight” and “Woman Magic.” Cody was editor-in-chief of the first “Resource Guide on Women in Music,” she edited a PEN Oakland anthology. Cody loves organic gardening with her husband, Dave, and long walks. www.judithcody.com