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Chantwood Magazine: Issue 9 is coming soon!

This issue features the works of: Madelyn Frye, Kateřina Štruncová, John Lewis, Brandon Best, Catherine Tatem, David Anthony Sam, Trevor Abbud, Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Audrey Rhys, Raaidh Ahmed, D.S. West, Keith Nunes, and Buff Whitman-Bradley. 

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now available

Chantwood Magazine: Issue 8 is now available!

Cover art: "Rustic: Red Lantern before Dusk" by Melanie Faith.

This issue also features the works of: Grant Clauser, Sean Mabry, Brad Garber, Heather Whited, Greg Thompson, Bob Meszaros, Max DeVoe Talley, Heather Rivérun, J.C. Mari, AJ Bauers, William Doreski, John Stocks, and Kendra Liedle.



Now Available

Chantwood Magazine: Issue 7 is now available!

Cover art: "Bel Red 124th Ave NE South View Business Park, oil on canvas" by Allen Forrest.
See his work at:

This issue also features the works of: James Croal Jackson, Lourdes Veronica, Melanie K. Hutsell, Darren C. Demaree, Gregory Jeffers, Penny Peyser, Robert Joe Stout, Kurt Hohmann, John Grey, Beige McConaughey, Candice Kelsey, David Lohrey, and Blake Kilgore.

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Chantwood Magazine: Issue 6 is now available for free download.

Cover art: "Accept" by Henry Hu.
See his work at:

This issue also features the works of: Michael Vander Does, Mary Driver-Thiel, Lauren Suchenski, Daniel James Sundahl, Stephen Reeves, Lana Bella, Nancy Lane, Melissa Fitzgerald, Jac Shortland, Peter Ryan, Rachel Roupp, Stephen Mead, and Serena Johe.

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