Kristi Rathbun-Nimmo: Editor-in-Chief

Kristi Rathbun-Nimmo holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Northern Colorado. She is passionate about stories and language, a love she has cultivated from a young age. Her work has appeared in UNC's The Crucible, and the High Plains Register. She was also a poetry finalist in the UNC 2015 Student Literary Awards. With experience in marketing and SEO optimization, she currently works as a freelance editor/writer; she also coaches high school girls basketball and is heading into her eighth season this winter. Colorful Colorado is the place she calls home, enjoying that mountain horizon and the grassy plains alongside her husband and their two dogs.

David Jensen: Senior Editor

David Jensen holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. After teaching himself to read at age four, he quickly developed a love of storytelling and started writing his own by age ten. His works include everything from full-length screenplays to haiku poetry and have been published in UNC's The Crucible and UMD's Aisthesis. Having tried his hand as a dishwasher and truck driver (not at the same time, thankfully), he now works as a reviewer and editor for Everything Board Games.


Betty Darnall: Acquisitions Editor | Social Media Liaison

Betty Darnall holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Northern Colorado. She hopes to one day become a fiction editor for a publishing house. In the meantime, she works at Starbucks and as a freelance editor. Her work has appeared in UNC's The Crucible. She enjoys writing and spending time with her friends in her free time.

Jackie Havens: Acquisitions Editor

Jackie graduated from Cornell College in Iowa with her Bachelor's in English & Creative Writing. Her poetry has appeared in Cornell's Open Field and she was named an All-State Poet in 2010. Recently, she moved to Colorado, working as a Content Creator for Madwire during the day, and spending her evenings reading, writing freelance articles, and cuddling with her cat, Draco Meowfoy.


Past Editors

Lexy Alemao: Editor

We want to congratulate Lexy on her admission into the publishing program at NYU this past spring! Congratulations! And thank you for all of your hard work!