Chantwood Magazine is currently closed to submissions and is on hiatus from publishing. Please check back soon for more details.

Chantwood Submission Guidelines

Chantwood Magazine is a cross-genre e-zine that publishes short stories and poetry. Issues are published bi-monthly and are available for download on our website. Each issue includes 3-5 short stories and 8-12 poems. We are currently seeking short stories, poetry, and art.

Chantwood is committed to blind submissions. As such, we feel it important to mention two notes for all aspiring authors:

  1. None of our readers will see your email. When a submission is received, the attachment is saved to Google Drive. The email itself is not seen by them, and none of the information on the email will be relayed to them. The only one who will see it is our senior editor, David Jensen, and he will not use any of the information within to judge your piece. If you wish to add your name, your bio, links to your other work, a funny joke, or anything else within the email, know that it is only for his and your benefit.

  2. Blind submissions mean blind submissions, period. We ask for an email address on the submission, in case we need to look the submission up in the future. No author names or bios are allowed within submissions. (Email addresses that contain an author's name are fine.) If these show up within the submission, we will ask that you send us a new submission without them. You will not be considered for publication if a blind submission is not sent.

Hard Sells

Please note that while we enjoy many styles and genres, there are a few things we are unlikely to publish:

  • excessive gore, violence, profanity, or sexuality (we realize these things are a part of the human experience, but they should be used sparingly and with specific purpose—if it doesn’t better the narrative, leave it out)

  • stories about brooding, sexy vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches/wizards

  • main characters who are obvious clones of Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, etc.

  • overtly political stories (on either end of the political spectrum)

  • stories that use amnesia as a plot device

  • stories including the words “thine,” “thee,” “thou,” “doth,” etc.

  • fan fiction (we enjoy a good piece of fan fiction, but this isn’t the right place for it)

We are highly unlikely to consider stories pertaining to domestic violence, rapists, murderers, psychopaths, cannibals, and the like, and we will absolutely not consider any piece which depicts violence against children.

Fiction Guidelines

Word Limit: 100-7000 words
Genres: Any
Language: English

Fiction should be:

1.    Well-written. A few typos are understandable, but writing which consistently fails to use accepted spelling and grammar for non-stylistic purposes will not be considered.

2.    Formatted for on-screen reading. Please keep in mind that we are a digital magazine—very long paragraphs or tricky typographical styles will likely work against you.

3.    Singular submissions. We ask that no more than one piece of fiction be submitted to us at a time.

4.    Original works. We are looking for first print, original works only.

Poetry Guidelines

Page Limit: 1-2 pages per poem (standard manuscript format)
Language: English

Poems should be:

1.    About 1-2 pages in length. We enjoy poems of various lengths, but we do only have a certain amount of space available. Poems longer than 2 pages may be considered, but only if they truly rock our world.

2.    Submitted in groups of no more than 5. Whether you have one special poem to share or a hundred, we ask that you send no more than 5 in a submission. Exceeding this limit will disqualify the entire submission.

3.    Any style, any format. We enjoy poetry of all kinds. Send us your fixed forms, your free verse, and everything in between. However, keep in mind that poems need to be formatted for easy reading in a digital medium.

4.    Original works. We are looking for first print, original works only.

Artwork Guidelines

We are currently open to artwork submissions. We accept high-resolution images or photos which will appear on the cover of our magazine. Please note that files that are not designed to easily fit the cover's dimensions are less likely to be considered.

All images need to be tasteful and appropriate. If you wouldn’t want your grandparents or your children to see it, it probably isn’t for us.

How to Submit

Please send your work as a single attachment to File formats we accept include .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, and Google Docs. Submissions must be sent as an attachment; those pasted into the body of emails will not be considered. In place of your name, please include your e-mail address in the manuscript. This allows us to keep track of your work, should it get lost in the shuffle. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to submit a short bio that will appear alongside your work.

Please ensure that the subject line of your e-mail specifies which genre you are choosing to submit, and also include the title of your work. For example: “Fiction: Waffle of Doom” or “Poetry: Rattlin’ Jim, Pink Posies, and Unzipped”.

To submit your art, please send your work as an attachment to our submissions e-mail. In the subject line, specify that it is art and include the title of your work, i.e.: “Art: Fields in Autumn.” In the body of your e-mail, please include your name and a short bio.

Response Time

We are usually able to respond within 5-6 months. If you have still not heard from us after that time period, you may query us at the submissions e-mail with QUERY as the subject line. Or get in touch with us via our Contact page.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions

As authors, we understand how difficult the publishing process can be. So we are more than willing to accept Simultaneous Submissions (or works that have been submitted to multiple publishers). We simply ask that you please inform us immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else.

We ask that you do not submit multiple submissions. In other words, we ask that you please limit yourself to one submission in each category (one short fiction piece and one poetry submission, but not two short fiction pieces or two poetry submissions).

If we have accepted your submission, we ask that you wait at least 3-4 months before you submit again.

Payment and Rights

At this time, we are happy to offer our writers and artists a free copy of the issue in which they appear. In the future, we hope to be able to offer more by way of payment as we continue to grow. Upon acceptance of a work, we claim first world electronic rights and non-exclusive anthology rights for our annual Chantwood anthology. After 6 months, most rights revert to the author/artist so long as credit is given to us as the first publisher. We also retain the right to archive your story/artwork. For more details about what these rights mean, click here.


At the end of the year, the editing staff will assemble the best stories and poems from the previous year in the annual Chantwood Anthology. These pieces will represent the best of Chantwood Magazine, and will be hand-picked for their quality and style. When the pieces have been selected, the authors will promptly be informed. This is the reasoning behind our request for non-exclusive anthology rights; you are free to submit your work to another anthology should you choose to do so. All we ask is that you inform us if your piece is published elsewhere first.