Tumble and Fall.jpg

Before you moved in I never tripped on a single shoe left
in the middle of the floor
I never thought the wind caressing my face could bring the prospect
of fear
Or that loss of control would be so sudden
As my arm darts forward, palm spread, hard, in instinct and with care
And all the will in my body seizes my heart and pulls it into itself
And my jaw drops long and my eyes glare wide
And the world slows to a standstill and I see new details unknown
Coarse bumps, little imperfections, the occasional roughness, the mark
on the side
My stomach seems to soar like eagles are held within
The air through my ear roars heavy and blood rushes to my head
And my lips clash against teeth against tongue against spit and all
Oh the stars, cracks, booms, and fireworks of innumerable
colour, mostly red
Of violent passion, though my tears and cries tint it blue.
I slowly rise up, regain control despite the odd shake of a sob,
From where I fell, because of the slightest semblance of you.


Jim Onyemenam is a nomad who was born in Nigeria, grew up in Taunton, studied Law at the Surrey, and is now finding his feet in Southampton. He is particularly captivated by the works of the Beat Generation, which is reflected in his most of his work. When he is not writing poetry or screenplays, he will most likely be found in the nearest cinema.