“There was a song and story: an aged Scylding, widely learned, told of the old days; at times the fighter struck the harp to joy, sung
against chant-wood, or made a lay both true and sorrowful; the greathearted king fittingly told a marvelous tale…”

–Beowulf, Lines 2105-2110 as translated by Howell D. Chickering Jr.

Chantwood Magazine is devoted to great stories.


Whether you're an established writer or are looking to publish your first piece, we want to hear from you. Great stories are the ones that move us, the ones that resonate long after the last word has been read. At Chantwood we believe that great stories can come from anyone, whether an MFA recipient or a high-school student. Because of this belief, we are devoted to a blind selection process--no names, no credentials, just the words on the page.  


So what do great stories look like?


Well, here at Chantwood we believe great stories start with great characters, characters who (human or otherwise) move us, repel us, make us laugh, or leave us in cathartic tears. Give us memorable heroes or anti-heroes, strange new places, or help us to see the everyday in a new light. We also believe that great writing is not limited to any single genre; we do enjoy capital "L" literature, but we also love sci-fi and fantasy, speculative fiction, romance, historical fiction, and poetry. More information about the type of writing we want to see is available under Submissions.